Khanuja Group

Khanuja Group is a leading organization in Procurement & construction providing integrated and customized solutions for all government and private sector projects.

They are verified and certified by FCI, KHAAD, KRIPCO and INDEN. Khanuja Group has also served the Ministry of Child and Development, Government of India and also by Madhya Pradesh Housing and Infrastructure Board. Khanuja Group has been serving their customers since 21 years.

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Khanuja Group extends services to six sectors namely Import and Export, Supply Chain and Transportation,
Confectionery Supply, Agricultural Transportation and Real Estate. Few services that Khanuja Group provides
are listed below

Import and Export of Rice

Exporting refers to the selling of goods and services from the home country to a foreign nation, whereas importing refers to purchase of foreign products and getting them into one’s home country. Khanuja Group provides import and export of wheat and rice.

Supply Chain and Transportation

One of the services includes transporting grain to various states. The organisation also deals in transportation services.

Agricultural Transportation

Khanuja Group provides transport services to deliver agricultural products from farms to markets and to various other cities.

Hospitality/QSR – D’Tea and Drink Xchange

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and hospitality services are also provided by Khanuja Group.

Real Estate

Khanuja Group also extends real estate services. They own and buy properties.

Confectionery Supply

It offers confectionery supply to Pan India.


Sadbhav Minerals deals with the Excavation of minerals in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.