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About Khanuja Group

We help in Building the Nation

Khanuja group has, you must know that they are verified and certified by FCI, KHAAD, KRIPCO and INDEN. Khanuja Group has also served the Ministry of Child and Development, Government of India and also by Madhya Pradesh Housing and Infrastructure Board. Khanuja Group has been serving their customers since 21 years.

Government Tenders

We work on tendors of Dhaan, Rice, Wheat, Chana, Moong and Road Transportation Tenders.

Import & Export

We import & export Rice and Wheat to other states.

Confectionary Supply

Confectionary Supply from Indore to other cities.


Sadbhav Minerals deals with the Excavation of minerals in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh

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Hemant Kalwani

Project Manager

Uday Thakur

Project Coordinator

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